Looking For Extra Motivation To Hit The Gym?


It’s becoming a common sight today. Ladies rocking yoga pants, athletic tops and the latest running footwear; and they’re not even at the gym.

They’re pushing a grocery cart, paying bills at the local bank or having coffee with friends.

Athletic wear is big business nowadays. Last year, athletic wear grew by 7%. On the other hand, regular apparel grew by only 1%.

In fact, the trend of using athletic wear as everyday clothing has spawned a new fashion term, “Activewear”.

Women who wear them look trendy; they look chic and they definitely look good.

But do they work out?

A study conducted by Northwestern University says “Yes”.

The researchers concluded that people were influenced by the symbolic meaning of their clothing.

Subjects who wore lab coats during the experiment performed attention-related tasks better than those who wore only regular street clothes.

In the same way, people who wore athletic garments are more inclined to work out at the gym.

There is also a measure of social persuasion involved.

If someone sees you wearing an all-weather training jacket, a pair of full length leggings and track shoes they will assume “She must work out”.

So while the get up looks “cool” and “trendy chic” people will tend to play out the role that is expected of them.

After all, fitness has become fashionable once again.

Decades after the “Jane Fonda” era of aerobics, health classes have evolved outside the dance area and into more physically demanding activity. Today we have “Soul Cycle”, “Boot Camp” and “Dance Fit”.

“Yoga” has seen resurgence and “Pilates” has found a new market.

Activewear tends to be form-fitting. These types of clothes will highlight your curves.

Thus, it also serves to inspire women to work out harder to achieve the look that best fits their fashion style.

Lululemon was the first to capitalise on this growing phenomenon of Activewear.

Founded in 1998 as a retailer of Yoga wear, Lululemon is widely acknowledged as putting Activewear in the fashion mainstream.

While comparatively expensive, the company continues to rake in high sales numbers every year for the past 5 years.

From US$1 Billion in global sales in 2012, Lululemon generated US$2 Billion in the first half of 2016!

Manufacturers of functional sportswear have taken notice.

Athos has introduced its line of smart-training apparel. Athos line of training wear is lined with sensors which allow you to track performance. You can tell which muscles are working and pinpoint weak points in performance.

And the clothes look good too!

Expect to see ladies rocking the supermarket, the coffee shop and your neighborhood bank in a pair of Athos very soon!