Which Wearables Do You Clip, Strap or Wrap?

Tech Wearables

Fitness wearables are all the rage today.

You see people wearing some type of fitness wearable at work, in the grocery store, in coffee shops and of course in the gym.

Fitness wearables are a sign of the times; it reflects how today’s society has placed importance in their individual health and fitness.

But with so many fitness wearables in the market, the question is how should you wear it for maximum effectiveness and personal choice?

Should You Strap It, Clip It Or Wrap It?

The most common wearable is the fitness tracker which has its origins in 2007 with FitBit.

As its name implies, fitness trackers measure your fitness by tracking or monitoring your daily activity.

There are fitness trackers that have features to monitor heart rate and calories consumed.

But the most common feature of a fitness tracker is monitoring activity by counting the number of steps you take every day.

Fitness trackers are worn a number of ways..

Clip Wearables

There are some fitness trackers that you clip on such as FitBit One and Pulse O2.

The advantage of having a clip on fitness tracker is that you can conceal it within your clothing.

Some people may not want the fitness tracker to be visible if it is constricting to wear or if it does not go with their sense of style.

The disadvantage of a clip on fitness tracker is that you may forget all about it.

For example, you just came from work and are rushing to change into your workout gear.

Your FitBit One was clipped unto your undershirt from work.

As you pull into the driveway of the gym you realise you forgot the FitBit One at home.

If you’re using a fitness tracker, you must have it on you all the time.

Strapped Wearables

There are also fitness trackers that you strap onto your chest. These fitness trackers are designed to monitor your heart rate.

Monitoring your heart rate is important to find out how your heart rate changes based on your daily activities particularly during or after a workout.

Among the best fitness trackers with a chest strap on are Wahoo Fitness Tickr X and Polar Electro H6.

But undoubtedly, majority of fitness trackers are worn on the wrist.

Wrist Wearables

The advantage of having your fitness tracker wrapped around your wrist is that its visibility serves as a constant reminder on your health and fitness goals.

It will help keep track of your level of activity and encourage you to monitor your diet closely.

Whether you wrap, clip or strap your fitness wearable always remember to update its stored data.

Fitness wearables provide you baseline data on your level of movement and total calories.

Maintaining this data is crucial to keep you on track to accomplish your health and fitness goals.