Does Your Gym Bag Match Your Mindset?

Gym Bags

When training in the gym you can tell the personalities not only by their workouts or the clothes they wear, but by the gym bag they use.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a universal gym bag.

The bag you need and ultimately use in the gym is influenced by your personality.

After all, the last thing you would want when you get to the gym is find out you forgot a key workout item or accessory.

Here are a few popular types of gym bags and the personalities that fit them…

The Back Pack

This is an all – around, versatile and reliable bag that can be used for other purposes other than the gym.

It could be used by the tech-gym goer who has his or her workout stored in a tablet, room for their laptop, smartphone, headphones and more!

Or, given its versatility, it could be used by some guys who just don’t give a sh*t.

The Duffle Bag

In the gym, a duffle bag is the preferred choice of hardcore trainers who carry around an assortment of gear that is heavier than what most people lift.

Look into one and you can usually find a lifting belt, lifting straps, knee and wrist wraps, knee and elbow sleeves, kinetic tape, lifting chalk, specialised shoes, vitamins and supplements.

The Tote Bag

This is the go-to bag for the stylish gym member who is in the gym to get a quick workout and look “fabulous” in time for a get together with friends shortly thereafter.

A person who brings a tote bag does not use many accessories for the gym because they have a simple approach to working out.

It could just be an hour on the treadmill, a few minutes with weights or a group session.

The Yoga Mat Bag

As the name describes, this bag meets the workout requirements of people who prefer to do floor exercises.

A Yoga Mat Bag is compact, portable and has enough space in the form of inner and outer pockets to accommodate your smart phone, car keys, MP3 Player and an extra shirt. It comes with a shoulder strap for convenience.

Find the right gym bag that fits your personality and have a more productive workout. So which one suits you?