What You Wear To The Gym And What It Says About You

Gym Fashion Style

More and more people are heading off to the gym to exercise and get healthy.

It is no longer just a place to lift weights and do aerobics.

Gyms attract people from all walks of life and every member is a unique individual with different backgrounds, life experiences and likes and dislikes.

You see how individual members are with the way they move, train and by the clothes they wear.

Here is a short list of popular get-ups worn in the gym and what your choice of fitness fashion style says about you…

When Guys Wear…

Oversized T-Shirt And Trackie Pants?

You’re in the gym to train. That’s it. All you’re concerned about is following the program, hitting your numbers and having a post workout protein shake before heading back for home.

Oversized Headphones And T-Back Singlet?

It’s all about the ego. Cause covering your ears while training turns up your body heat one million percent! Why would you do that to yourself dawg?

T-Back singlet = Look at me.

Hood Or Beanie On While Training?

Either you’ve got some major blood circulation issues and need to stay warm or you’ve been watching too many Bodybuilder videos on YouTube (sup Kai Greene).

When Girls Wear…

Bright Top And Dark Leggings?

You’re feeling good today! There’s energy and a certain vibe as you enter the gym. Your step has a noticeable bounce to it. You want to kill it whether it’s “Boot Camp”, “Spinning” or “TRX Suspension Training”.

All Black Outfit?

You’re dealing with some personal ‘stuff’. Perhaps you don’t feel confident about yourself or with how your current training is progressing. Right now, you’re in the dark and want to stay off the radar, for today at least.

Headband, Tank Top, And Leggings?

You want to channel your inner “warrior”; you don’t want to let anything get in your way, not even your hair. You’re in the gym to get a good workout. And that means getting a good sweat rolling!

Crop Top And Lycra Shorts?

This look reads “sexy” but for you it’s all about the results (or it’s about feeling sexy 🙂 )  You are proud of all the hard work you’ve put into your body the last few months and it shows. It’s less about feeling sexy and more about feeling good (and looking sexy 🙂 )

DryFit Compression Top, Compression Leggings Under DryFit Knee Length Shorts?

Let’s not forget the accessories: a fitness tracker, the iPad and bright neon, dry fit running shoes. You fully embrace technology because you don’t want to take chances on your fitness. Everything is recorded, measured, calculated and analysed.

While the style you wear will most likely not influence the success of your program, at the very least it will help you get motivated to exercise.

In ways what you wear reflects who you are and the goals you want to achieve as well as how you want people to perceive you.