Choose The Right Shoes For Your Feet Type


The body part that is responsible for your performance and safety during exercise does not have the largest muscles and is never seen because it needs to remain covered up.

If you’re thinking about your feet, you are absolutely correct.

Science has shown that the power and strength you generate during exercise or sporting activity come from the legs.

But without the stability provided by the feet, it will be difficult to shift weight and transfer energy.

Proper footwear will provide stability and ensure your feet can support the required function.

Here are the types of shoes you should wear for fitness performance:

Aerobic Activity

Aerobic activity is an exercise that requires sustained pace over a period of time.

This includes running, aerobic exercise classes and various interval training programs.

Running shoes are the best for aerobic activity because these are lightweight and its features and materials are designed to absorb most of the forces that are directed to your knees, ankles and feet.

Before you buy a pair of running shoes, have your feet checked.

There are different styles available for those who have high arches, normal feet or flat footed.

If you are flat footed and you buy a pair that is designed for someone with high arches, you will be exercising with pain.

Resistance Training

Resistance training requires balance and stability especially if you are using free weights. But each exercise will have different stability needs.

Squats and its variations including the Power Clean will require an elevated heel of no more than 0.75 cm.

This is because of the transference of weight from the heel on the descent to the ball of the foot during the ascent.

If your hamstrings and ankles are not flexible and you are using flat shoes, your back may round on the descent and expose you to injury.

Running shoes are too soft; your feet are constantly shifting inside. You will not have proper stability when handling weight overhead.

CrossFit® or Olympic weight lifting shoes are best for doing Squats.

The Deadlift and overhead pressing exercises are best performed with a flat shoe such as canvass or standard cross trainers so that your feet will have more contact and surface area to cover on the floor.

CrossFit® Training

CrossFit® training involves several types of exercises that focus on different disciplines for endurance, strength, power and agility.

If you are serious about CrossFit®, you will definitely need the right shoes for each event:

  • Running Shoes: Sprints, distance runs, calisthenics, gymnastics
  • CrossFit®/Weight-Lifting Shoes: Squat, Bench Press, Snatch, Clean and Jerk events
  • Canvass/Flat Shoes: Deadlift, Overhead Pressing, Strong Man events

Buying the right shoes could spell the difference between productive workouts and the potential for injury.

Always make sure you have the right footwear before starting any exercise activity.