Fitness Fads – Flashback To The 80’s


Who could forget the 80’s? It was an era where action stars ruled the box office and music was all about synthesizers and drum machines.

Fitness itself reflected the culture of the era with these weird fashion trends that dominated the 80’s…

1. Parachute Pants – The frightening precursor to Athleisure wear, Parachute Pants was all the rage in the 80’s.

Baggy but tapered at the ankles, this gym staple came in different colors and patterns. Owning a pair meant you worked out.

2. Spaghetti Tank Tops – The next best thing to being legally half naked in the gym.

Spaghetti tank tops allowed the men to see their oiled up definition without breaking the rules. Throw in the parachute pants to complete the ensemble.

3. Combat Boots – How cool was it to squat wearing a pair of Timberlands, Doc Martens or legit military issue combat boots?

But seriously, you could get good balance and stability wearing combat boots in the gym. If you could pile up the plates no one will comment.

4. The Jane Fonda Look – We love her, she’s an icon and we owe the healthy revolution to Jane Fonda in the 80’s.

But let’s hope leggings, scrunched socks, leotards and the headband don’t make a comeback unlike our beloved Ms. Fonda.

5. Spandex – What leotards were to women, spandex was to men. Everyone from gym warriors to hair-metal rock stars had to wear them. Today’s material is much sturdier lycra.

You won’t experience a tear while hitting the bottom position of the squat.

6. Bum Bags (aka Fanny Packs) – In fairness, fanny packs served an important purpose. They kept your keys, wallets and Sony Walkman player secure. Today, add your smart phone to the list.

7. Mesh Tops – If spaghetti tank tops were not bad enough, you had to deal with mesh tops. What else could be left to the imagination?

8. Pumped Up Shoes – Reebok started a craze with having their shoes fitted with a ball to pump up your shoes for tightness.

Nike followed suit but LA Gear killed everything with the ball under the sole which supposedly made you jump higher.

9. Nylon Track Suits – Before today’s cotton track suit became fashionable, in the 80’s it was nylon.

It was great to warm up in but people could hear you coming with the swish-swish-swish sound it makes every time you move.

10. Neon Everything – Well, this one is making a comeback but in a pleasant way. Today’s apparel use neon only as accents on dark colors which are a good thing.

The 80’s was a wild and fun era where imagination flowed freely toward colorful fashion and free expression.

Since trends move in cycles, don’t be surprised to see people doing Zumba in Mesh Tops, Spaghetti Tanks, Parachute Pants and Timberlands at your local gym!