Gets Results With One Of These Workout Apps

Fitness Apps

The fittest people are those who view fitness as a lifelong endeavor.

For them, attaining a fitness goal does not signify the end of journey. Instead, it marks the beginning of another.

They are constantly looking to improve and get better because they know the human body deteriorates with age.

To become fit, you must find ways to keep the journey going.

This is the value of workout apps; they find new and better ways to keep you fit.

In a 2014 survey, there are an estimated 100,000 health and fitness apps in the market.

The global health and fitness app market generated $4 Billion in 2015 but is forecast to hit US$26 Billion by 2017.

With all of these workout apps in the market, which are the best ones to download?

1.  DigiFit iCardio

This is the workout app you need to access the key stats on your workouts.

You can pair iCardio with any fitness tracker to record data on your runs, cycling and other workouts.

iCardio also records your heart rate, distance, time and pace.

2.  FitStar

If you’re on the road most of the time and have limited access to a gym, FitStar can get you fit even without equipment.

The free version carries the “Basic” workout while the Premium subscription gives you access to other options such as “Get Lean” and “Get Strong”.

3.  JeFit Workout

Not sure of what to when you get to a gym? Remove the guesswork with JeFit Workout app.

With the JeFit workout app you can create weight-training workouts and keep track of your performance by recording number of sets, reps and amount of weight lifted.

4.  TouchFit: GSP

If you’re looking to hire a Personal Trainer why not sign up one of the greatest champions in Mixed Martial Arts?

GSP stands for former UFC champion Georges St. Pierre. Let GSP guide you through several of his proven fitness routines.

This workout app comes with many options so you can exercise at your own pace.

5.  Vida Health Coach

This is an interactive workout app that will help you reach your fitness goals regardless of what they may be.

Vida Health Coach gives you access to a personal coach who can work with you one-on-one.

Consultations are done via phone or video conference for a more personalised approach.

If you keep doing the same exercises over and over again, eventually you reach a point of diminishing returns.

The human body will quickly adapt to the stimuli and present fewer health benefits.

Thankfully, fitness experts have taken the digital route to promote new workout programs designed to challenge your level of conditioning and burn fat.