How To Dress For Your Shape

Fitness Fasion

We all want to look good when we are working out in the gym.

Studies have shown that if you look good, you feel better about yourself and it can contribute to a productive workout.

But “stylish” gym clothes may not be functional wear.

The best gym clothes for you should be the ones that can fit your body shape.

It should allow you to move well and feel comfortable during exercise. Of course, they should also make you look good!

Here are the best gym clothes for every body shape…

Pear Shape

Wear light colored tops to draw attention from your thighs and hips. Choose flared pants to balance out your proportions and give the illusion of length.

Do not choose leggings with stripes down the side of your legs as these will make your hips look bigger.

Rectangular Shape

Choose tops that have ruchings on the sides and pants that have a touch of colour at the hips.

This combination will give an illusion of curves and at the same time make you feel more comfortable during exercise.

Another option is to wear a sports bra will a little padding and a low neckline.

Do not choose singular colour for your top and bottom as this will make you look blocky.

Apple Shape

Select a loose top that you can cinch at the waist. This will draw attention to your middle but away from your tummy.

Choose fitted Capri pants to highlight your toned legs and allow freer movement.

Do not wear pants with flared bottoms as this will make you look bulky and exaggerate your proportions.

Hourglass Shape

Pick out a top with a V or scoop neck with some detail located at the midsection.

This will highlight your trim waist and accentuate your strong figure. Choose a skort instead of shorts or leggings.

A skort will show off your supple, tone and muscular legs and at the same time offer better freedom of movement.

V Shape

This body type can basically wear anything she wants!

A classic V shape with wide shoulders, small hips and trim legs are best represented by a sport bra with an open back and criss-cross pattern and full leggings.

The criss-cross pattern will highlight the wide shoulders while the leggings will balance out the symmetry.

Do not wear clothes that hide your physique from the world!

When you’re at the gym always dress for fun and fashion but do not forget function.

After all, you’re still in the gym to work out!