4 Tech Innovations That Will Take Your Fitness To The Next Level

Technology In Fitness

If you feel like you’ve stalled in your workouts, you can always trust that technology will find a way to get you over the hump.

Here are 4 tech innovations that may help you shave a few seconds off your run, add an inch to your jump or an extra rep to your Bench Press…

1. The Beast Sensor

The Beast Sensor is a magnetic motion sensor that tracks your performance based on the amount of speed generated in a rep.

The principle behind the design of the Beast Sensor is that the amount of weight is not as important as the execution of the rep.

Speed is a more accurate metric because it approximates the efficiency and quality of your performance.

Beast Sensor is equipped with high tech accelerometers and gyroscopes that captures motion and transmits this data into the Beast App in your smart phone.

Using the data, the program will recommend the amount of weight, number of reps, sets and the appropriate rest periods to get the most out of your workout.

2. Maxx Bench

How many have experienced the nightmare of struggling with the final rep of the Bench Press without a spotter in sight?

YouTube videos aside, getting pinned in the Bench Press is no laughing matter. It can lead to serious, debilitating injuries.

Maxx Bench is the best solution for those who can’t find a ready spotter or workout at home. Maxx Bench has an accessible lever at your feet.

If you feel you won’t be able to rack the weight, simply step on the lever and the bench will hydraulically lower and catch the barbell on the safety racks.

3. The Cold Roller

If you want to fast-track performance, you have to fast-track recovery. In addition to getting the right nutrients in your body, it’s also the work you put outside your body that determines your rate of recovery.

The Cold Roller combines the myofascial release benefits of traditional foam rolling with those of active cold compress to optimise your recovery after training.

Myofascial stretching helps improve blood circulation, mobility and flexibility in the trained area. Cold compress has been shown to reduce the amount of swelling.

The Cold Roller is perfect for those trying to cope with nagging injuries.

4. Elevation Training Mask

You may have seen a few people at your gym wear a mask best suited for Hannibal Lechter.

But the Elevation Training Mask was designed to improve your level of endurance and conditioning.

The Elevation Training Mask is supposed to simulate the effects of training in altitude without traveling to Mexico.

It forces you to take deeper breaths until your body becomes adapted to the resistance.

With frequent use, your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths and use oxygen more efficiently.

These 4 innovations are further proof that technology has continued to find ways and means to improve your fitness by enhancing performance. Choose the innovation that will suit your physical activity.