Eating Well To Prevent Future Health Problems

Healhy Foods

The human body is an amazing organism.

It has the ability to protect itself from infections and viruses beginning from the natural defense mechanisms of the skin, mucous secretions and of course, the immune system.

If compromised, it has specific white blood cells that fight invaders and create antibodies to initiate the healing process.

Injuries trigger the body to produce inflammation which directs the immune system to transport blood supply to the injured area.

You may not be aware of it but every day your immune system is working overtime to protect you from getting sick.

You are constantly exposed to pollutants, chemicals and other toxic substances on a daily basis.

In addition, your body is continually broken down by stressors from your lifestyle choices.

The best way to remain healthy and well is to help your immune system get better and stronger.

You can do this by choosing food that is unprocessed and sourced from organic and natural farming methods.

Food undergoes processing to improve shelf life, taste and to lower cost.

But these conveniences carry a steep price: Your overall health and well-being.

Food processing involves adding excessive amounts of salt, refined sugars and the use of high fructose corn syrup and artificial ingredients.

Processed food such as canned goods, soft drinks, packed cookies and snack chips have been linked with type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and certain types of cancer.

Instead of eating processed foods, choose from sources that present nutrition in its complete, natural form.

Here is a list of foods proven to contain substances that help your body heal and strengthen the immune system:

1. Kelp – Rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium and iodine. Helps strengthen the heart, raise energy levels and improve brain function.

2. Ginger – Taken as tea, it can help aid digestion, reduce nausea and alleviate arthritis.

3. Mushrooms – Contains lentinan, a compound that prevents the growth of cancerous tumors.

4. Avocados – Rich in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats to keep your heart healthy and strong.

5. Beets – These are packed with vitamins A and C, calcium and iron. Studies have shown that beets may prevent cancer and is important in maintaining a healthy heart.

6. Greek Yogurt – Contains probiotics or good bacteria to protect your intestines, treat irritable bowel syndromes, skin disorders and certain types of cancers.

7. Swiss Chard– Packed with vitamins C, E and K, zinc, fibre and calcium. Swiss Chard supports bone health, fights off diseases and enhances the inflammation process.

8. Salmon – A good source of protein and Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs which protect the heart and speeds up the healing of injuries.

9. Pineapple – Contains the enzyme bromelain which can help heal muscle strains and sprains.

10. Carrots – Rich in the phytochemical carotenoid which has been proven to protect cells from free radicals and boost immunity.

Always eat good, healthy food in its organic and natural form.

It will keep your immune system strong and ready to protect you from viruses, bacteria, pathogens and other unwanted guests all day and all night.