Augmented Reality In Fitness

Augmented Reality in Fitness

Augmented Reality is an indirect view of a real world environment, the elements of which are augmented by computer – generated sensory input such as sound, video or graphics.

In short, technology is used to enhance one’s perception of reality.

Augmented Reality has been applied to several disciplines.

For example, in medicine Augmented Reality software called VeinViewer films subcutaneous veins and projects these unto human skin to locate veins.

Augmented Reality has also been used in the military to transmit battlefield data onto the soldier’s goggles in real time.

Over the last few years, Augmented Reality has found its way into the world of health and fitness.

Software programs have been created to help us get into shape even if we are not in the gym.

How do you use Augmented Reality to get in shape?

It’s A Fun Way To Get Into Shape

Augmented Reality found its way into fitness through gaming.

Gaming giant Nintendo came out with the Wii which was more of a sports simulation game. People who use Wii are having fun for sure.

But they are also getting into shape! Try boxing a few rounds or playing championship tennis for a few sets and you will get a good sweat going.

The best part about Wii is that it is a good way to get your family involved.

It may not be the equivalent of a real boxing program or tennis game but it is a great way to get physically active.

While Nintendo has not aggressively ventured in the Augmented Reality industry, the success of the Wii definitely opened a niche for the concept in the world of health and fitness.

It Is Convenient

With Augmented Reality there is no excuse for not working out.

You can download an Augmented Reality App and exercise at home. And some of these workouts can be challenging!

One such Augmented Reality app is BallStrike.

The premise behind BallStrike is simple: hit the virtual colored balls but be careful not to hit the bombs that come up with them.

Simply stand in front of the camera of your mobile device and move your body in any way you can to hit the colored balls.

Punch, throw an elbow or a Capoeira inspired hand stand kick; do whatever it takes to strike at the virtual popping balls.

You can get a great workout with BallStrike at the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Improve Your Performance

There are Augmented Reality software programs such as Kinect that can measure how much weight you have in each foot or determine your heart rate simply by monitoring your skin color.

Fitness Trackers like Jawbone and Lumafit can be used with these programs to monitor correct technique.

Lumafit can count reps, determine flaws in your swimming and weight training technique.

Technology has given us a new avenue for health and fitness through Augmented Reality.

While it will not replace actual exercise, it presents an interesting, novel and unique way to stay active.