Keeping Your Supplement Costs DownSupplements

If you want to take your health and fitness program to the next level, it’s not enough to focus only on the best training systems and nutritional plans.

You should also consider adding supplements to the mix.

Formulas, vitamins and minerals that are designed to augment a nutritional plan and support a fitness program are categorised as supplements.

But supplements can be very expensive.

If you are a full-time student who plans to join sporting competitions or maintain an extensive health and fitness program, maintaining a budget for supplements could be a challenge.

The same goes for a full-time employee who wants to improve his fitness but needs to support a family and pay off a mortgage.

With proper planning, discipline and adherence to a budget, it is possible to maintain a supplement plan without breaking the bank…

Start With Whey Protein

Regardless of your health and fitness goals almost all supplement programs start with Whey Protein.

You need to get amino acids to your muscles after training to start the repair and recovery process. Whey is the fastest acting protein available.

It is also very affordable. On average you can buy a 2.5 kilo canister of whey protein for AUS$35 which has 77 servings.

That comes out to less than AUS$0.50 per scoop of 24 grams of protein.

To get the same amount of high grade protein from egg whites, you’ll need to buy 8 eggs or spend AUS$5.80

You can start out with Whey Protein and scale down your purchase of eggs.

“Pricing Does Not Equate To Quality”

Before buying supplements, do research online or ask reliable people for their opinion.

Just like the above quote from Steve Jobs, a higher priced supplement does not necessarily make it better.

You’ll be surprised to know that some of the supplements that have received the highest scores and have won awards are among the lowest priced in the market.

Take Time Off

Many supplements are synthetic in composition. Read the label and you will find food coloring, artificial flavoring and ingredients you cannot pronounce.

It only means supplements are not natural unless specified as organic.

You have to take time off from taking supplements even whey protein.

Ideally, once you finish a container, you should lay off the supplement for at least one month.

It will give your body time to re-set and give your bank account a rest too.

The labels may advise that their product is safe to take year-round but that is the business side of the supplement industry.

If you want to maintain a supplement program, you should be willing to make concessions and compromises to your original plan.

Remember supplements only assist your program.  You still have to put in the work to attain your goals.