Which Protein Powder?

Best Protein Powder

Protein powder, especially Whey Protein powder, is the most popular supplement among fitness enthusiasts and with plenty of good reasons:

Versatile – It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals or objectives are.

Protein powder will always play a significant role in your nutrition plan because it is a high quality source of protein.

There are many types of protein powder in the market each one with a specific function in your nutrition.

Affordable – A scoop of whey protein powder will cost on average AUS$ 0.45 per 24 grams of high quality protein.

In order to get the same quantity of protein from eggs, you will need to pay AUS$5.80 for eight egg whites.

Convenient – Typically, you should ingest protein every two to three hours.

Having a shaker bottle with a scoop of powder gives you instant protein whenever you want it.

Protein powder has grown increasingly popular that a study from the United Kingdom shows that by 2017, people will be drinking AUS$ 16,128,000,000 worth of protein shakes!

The market demographic now includes people who do not exercise regularly but believe a diet consisting of protein shakes will help them lose weight.

But the popularity of protein powder has called into light quality issues in how these supplements are prepared.

Do Your Research

A recent study by the Stockton College of New Jersey showed that many of the popular brands in the market did not contain the ingredients as advertised.

The report raised concerns from consumer groups on the quality of these protein powders. As a consumer, how should you choose your protein powder?

Many of these popular brands of protein powder will highlight the ingredients that will entice you to choose theirs over the competition.

These ingredients include BCAA’s, natural testosterone boosters such as fenugreek, strength enhancers like Creatine and Leucine.

This could all just be marketing copy to give you the impression of “value-for-money” or buying an “all-in-one” supplement on the pretext of saving money.

The truth of the matter is you have no choice but to take their word for it.

There is no way for you to test the authenticity of these claims.

The best approach is to choose the protein powder that meets your requirement then augment your powder by buying the ingredients separately.

For example, if you don’t need strength enhancers, testosterone boosters or fat burners in your protein powder just buy the basic whey protein powder and augment it with a separate supplement for BCAA’s which is essential for recovery.

A simple whey protein formula should not contain more than 7-10 ingredients.

Protein remains a valuable supplement to have in your nutritional strategy.

But given the profitability of the industry, you should approach the decision-making process while wearing the hat of a vigilante consumer.