Ready To Ramp Up Your Fitness?


The treadmill has always been one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment in the gym.

Good luck trying to find a treadmill after 5pm!

The treadmill is a versatile cardio machine. While most people use it for steady-state, long distance running, you can also do High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT on a treadmill.

If your knees and hips have been feeling stiff, you can warm them up by walking up an incline.

On the other hand, if you want to add more explosive power in your legs and hips, try sprint training on a high incline!

Today’s technology has created treadmills that can meet your individual fitness needs.

Here are 4 of the most innovative treadmills on the market:

1. Alter G

This gravity defying treadmill has made it possible for non-walkers to run. Alter G uses NASA Differential Air Pressure Technology to fill the treadmill’s chamber with air.

This process reduces the weight of the user by as much as 80%.

People who have had strokes, hip replacement surgery or nerve damage can use the Alter G to speed up the rehab process by enhancing circulation in the lower body.

2. Hydro Physio Lifestyle Range

For years, Personal Trainers have recommended that water-based exercise can build muscular strength without damaging pressure on the joints and ligaments.

The Hydro Physio Lifestyle Range combines the benefits of a treadmill run with the safety of underwater exercise.

By simply adjusting the volume of water inside the treadmill’s glass panels, you can pinpoint specific muscle groups that you want to target.

3. The Pool Treadmill

Do you want to reap the full benefits of swimming without having to use an Olympic-sized pool? All you need is the Pool Treadmill.

Hook up the treadmill’s trailer and electric motor at the end of your pool.

The Pool Treadmill will release a downward current of up to 9.6 km/hr to add more resistance to your strokes.

The Pool Treadmill can give you a maximum of 30 minutes exercise in a residential pool.

4. Super Trainer Bicycle Treadmill

Not sure whether to ride your bike or run on the treadmill? Why not do both on the Super Trainer Bicycle Treadmill?

When using this treadmill, your bike will be mounted on a computer-controlled tractive resistance unit.

It comes pre-loaded with 20 course profiles which can easily be customised by the rider. You can pedal at full power and raise the incline up to 16%!

There are more to modern-day treadmills than just having 15” flat screen TVs mounted or a deck for your iPod.

Technology has created treadmills that can improve fitness, enhance rehab, diversify exercise and overcome physical disabilities.