Fashion Trends That Never Die

Fitness Fashion

In the same way zombies rule today’s entertainment scene, there are 1980’s fashion trends that are back from the dead.

Here are five 80’s fitness fashion trends that are back in style…

1. Neon Colors

Neon colors; the 1980’s staple that highlighted everything from t-shirts to earrings to headbands to George Michael’s shorts to Madonna’s sunnies are back but in a more subdued and complementary way.

You can find running shoes and cross trainers with neon green or pink accents, gray or black cotton track suits with neon piping and performance wear such as compression shirts with subtle neon highlights.

Of course, there are shoes that go the entire nine yards and are dressed in complete neon.

But the ensemble works because unlike the 1980’s where shoes where thick and clunky, today’s models are sleek and lithe.

2. Headbands

The release of Jane Fonda’s new exercise video may have opened up the flood gates, but headbands are back.

You can see them in the gym floor, the group classes and in the various playing fields.

Headbands have the function of keeping sweat off your forehead.

So it doesn’t matter if you have close-cropped hair like LeBron James or have wild tresses like Rafael Nadal, a headband has its purpose.

Today, it’s just become more fashionable!

3. Tapered Bottoms

Back in the 1980’s, mention the word baggy pants with tapered bottoms and the name “MC Hammer” will come to mind.

Go to any athletic goods retailer and rummage through their selection of jogging pants and all you will find are baggy cotton pants with tapered bottoms.

But unlike MC Hammer’s, you can wear these jogging pants inside or outside the gym.

Adidas has a selection under its “Clima-Cool” brand which is very comfortable to wear.

4. Overalls

The pop trio “Bananarama” made overalls cool in their video “Cruel Summer” and apparently today’s generation of fashionistas also find them cool.

Several of Australia’s fashion bloggers such as Sally Mustang, Talisa Sutton and Carmen Hamilton have “Instagrammed” the overalls back into the fashion mainstream.

Traditionally, overalls were designed as functional work wear. So don’t be surprised to see someone in “Bootcamp” wear a pair for training!

5. The Layered Look

Just like the popular 1980s song by Michael Sembello, if you want to get results in the gym you have to train like a maniac.

And like Jennifer Beal’s character in soundtrack for the movie, “Flashdance”, the layered look is the way to go!

Today’s iron maidens normally layer short shorts over leggings or a loose open cut tank over a sport bra.

The ensemble looks fabulously fashionable without compromising your form and function.

It may not be long before we see Miami Vice inspired “Sonny Crockett” espadrilles used for Deadlifts or heaven forbid, mesh tops as Active Wear.