Fab 5 Fitness Tips From The Most Fashionable Celebrities

Jessica Alba

If you think looking good is easy for these 5 classic beauties from the silver screen, think again!

It takes hard work, patience and determination to stay fit and healthy all these years.

These 5 beautiful and fashionable celebrities will give you tips on how you can stay in shape like they do…

1. Jessica Alba

Since her days as television’s heroine in “Dark Angel”, Jessica Alba has become a fixture in many “sexiest” or “most desirable” lists in various surveys.

Jessica has a body that can carry anything she wants to wear. As you can see from her movies “Into the Blue” and “Sin City”, Jessica is firm, tight and toned.

Fitness Tip – Jessica uses the “321 Method”; 3 types of cardio plus 2 circuits of strength training to fit into 1 hour of training.

Keep your heart rate elevated throughout the workout to increase fat burning as you tone muscle.

2. Sofia Vergara

In addition to her sharp wit and fantastic delivery, Sofia Vergara’s amazing physical presence is another reason why the show “Modern Family” became such a big hit.

Obviously blessed with great genetics, maintaining Sofia’s body still requires dedication and hard work in the gym.

Fitness Tip – Sofia’s workouts include plenty of squats which not only build toned legs but creates a nice, firm curvature in her lower back to accentuate her well-shaped buttocks. Sofia also focuses on her shoulders to accentuate her small waist.

3. Blake Lively

5 years on “Gossip Girl” showed audiences Blake Lively not only has talent but an incredible screen presence as well.

Being married to “Deadpool” Ryan Reynolds; another spectacular physical specimen, makes it easier to maintain her fabulous shape as evident in her latest movie, “The Shallows”.

Fitness Tip – Blake trains 5 days a week using only a pair of 2 to 4 kilo dumbbells and a Swiss Ball! With such limited equipment, Blake makes sure every rep counts.

Her workouts are very intense with hardly any rest in between. Blake supplements her training with fresh organic vegetables and lean protein.

4. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has naturally wide shoulders, small hips, long legs and perfect symmetry between her upper and lower body.

She is athletic; fit, toned and tight who looks like she can give you a beat down like her character in “Charlie’s Angels”!

Fitness Tip – Cameron focuses on bodyweight movements and exercises such as tyre flips, rope pulls and sled drag to keep her toned and tight.

She focuses on her legs, arms and shoulders which are the usual problem areas for women.

5. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a fashion trend setter. From her oft-copied hairstyles in “Friends” to her taste in clothes, Jen is a fashion icon.

But audiences also know her for her amazing fit body which she put on display in her hit movies “Just Do It” and “The Millers”.

Fitness Tip – Jen is a regular practitioner of Yoga. She does Yoga at least 15 minutes every day with special focus on her arms, abs, glutes and legs. Jen’s favorite poses are the Chair Pose, the Boat Pose and the Plank Pose.

For these fabulously fashionable women, fitness isn’t an activity they do to look good for a role.

It is a lifestyle in keeping with their advocacy of health, fitness and wellness.