What Are The Experts Wearing?

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They’ve made a successful career giving advice to thousands of women on anything from relationships to fitness to fashion.

But are they only preaching or do they practice what they preach?

Today’s most successful fashion and fitness experts don’t only give great advice; they actually live it!

Despite their hectic schedule meeting deadlines, attending fashion events, granting interviews and network appearances these amazing and inspiring women are able to find time for exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

What types of exercise do they do to stay in shape? How often do they train per week?

Let’s hear it from the women themselves:

1. Taylor Sterling, Creative Director of Glitter Guide

Exercise Routine: Taylor loves Cross Fit! This is probably the most challenging physical activity you can do and Taylor does it 4-5 days a week.

She will not back out of whatever WOD or Workout of the Day the “Box” (Cross Fit term for gym) gives her.

Whether it is sled push and double-unders combo or 100 kipping pull ups and sprints, trust Taylor will see the workout to its end.

Diet: Taylor likes to eat food in moderation. There are days she eats only organic fruits and vegetables. She will also indulge in Paleo if the need arises.

Taylor’s #1 Fitness Tip: Keep your workout fun! If you fear the workout, the better because once you conquer it you only become stronger and fitter.

2. Sydney Summer, Fashion Blogger at Sydne Style

Exercise Routine: Sydney makes it a point to workout at least 3 days a week. Even when the days become packed with appointments and meetings, there are no excuses with Sydney.

She will exercise at home to Physique57 videos or do Yoga. Some days she will take long hikes with friends. For Sydney, fitness is all about getting physical activity as often as possible.

Diet: Sydney eats mostly fresh green salads with organic vegetables and lean cuts of chicken. She also loves sushi and fruits. If she gets hungry or misses meals, Sydney makes sure she has almonds on hand.

Sydney’s #1 Fitness Tip: Find balance in your life. If you miss a workout, don’t stress about it. Find an opportunity to exercise and get back on track.

3. Allison McNamara, host FabSugarTV

Exercise Routine: Allison’s workout consists of 30 minutes on the StairMaster and 15 minutes on the Elliptical.

After cardio, Allison does resistance training. Her weight training routine covers five different exercises with a work volume of 3 sets each of 20 repetitions.

And Allison knows if you want toned legs and buns of steel, you have to squat. Allison ends every workout with squats, lunges and 500 sit ups!

Diet: Fish is the main protein source for Allison. She has baked tilapia or salmon fillets over a bed of spinach or arugula with tomatoes and avocado for lunch. She loves to snack on grapes, carrots and hummus. Dinner is usually spicy tuna and brown rice.

Allison’s #1 Fitness Tip: Always stick to a healthy diet even when you are eating out; make your own meals from home and shift to light, lean protein sources.

For these highly successful, there are no excuses. If you want to be healthy, fit and fabulous, you have to live the lifestyle!