About Fittness.com.au

Fittness.com.au was inspired by the FITT Principle.

The FITT Principle is an acronym for:

F – Frequency
I – Intensity
T – Time
T – Type

The FITT Principle, or formula, outlines the key components of an effective exercise program.

Fittness.com.au is the sister-site of Exercises.com.au – Australia’s premier exercise and fitness website.

Fittness.com.au was created for the new generation of exercisers that are looking to not only exercise and eat healthy, but to immerse themselves into the fitness lifestyle, and enjoy a life filled with fun, fitness and adventure!

Fittness.com.au is focused on the following 7 areas of health and fitness to educate and inspire you to fully embrace an active, adventurous and healthy life:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Cardio
  • Adventure
  • Style
  • Tech
  • Supplements

Exercise – find new exercises and workouts for home, the gym or outdoors to keep you moving and keep you motivated.

Nutrition – discover more about what foods to eat when and why, learn about the correct ratios of protein, carbs and fats to consume and find healthy snack and meal ideas.

Adventure – exercise doesn’t need to be a chore, and going to the gym isn’t for everyone, so we’re got plenty of adventure-based fitness activities to share with you to keep you active, enjoying exercising and having more fun!

Style – keep up with the latest fitness fashion trends, get the occasional fashion flashback, and wear the right gear to not only look good, but feel good too!

Tech – stay up to date with the latest health and fitness apps, new fitness tech and cool gadgets you need to monitor your health and track your fitness.

Supplements – find out which supplements you can take to support your active lifestyle and ensure you’re functioning at optimum levels for not just exercising, but for feeling great every day!

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Fitness and healthy living is easier and more fun with others!


Fittness.com.au was founded by Dmitri Simons and Matt Adams.

Dmitri Simons is a Master Personal Trainer of 15 years, a triathlete, entrepreneur and father of 5!

Matt Adams is a fitness fanatic, entrepreneur , work stress expert and digital nomad.

Dmitri and Matt are both passionate about health and fitness and hope to inspire others to adopt a fitness-base lifestyle.