Reduce Muscle Soreness With These Nutrients

Fish Oils

No Pain No Gain.

You must have heard this popular workout mantra from your Grandfather.

For years, people have associated post-exercise soreness with having a productive workout.

Muscles go through a cycle of breaking down and building up when you exercise.

Your muscles build up lactic acid to ensure your muscles are not worked out to the point of injury.

And this experience leads to soreness that sometimes can be uncomfortable.

While pain is part of the process, it does not have to be intolerable.

Instead of reaching out for the pain-killer, here are 5 supplements for reducing muscle soreness.

1. Vitamin C

What else can’t this amazing vitamin do? From strengthening the immune system, ensuring heart health, enhancing recovery from injury, add reducing muscle soreness to the list.

Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen which produces material to support connective tissues, ligaments, skin tissue, blood vessels and tendons.

Studies have also shown that vitamin C can flush out lactic acid from muscle tissue.

Natural Sources:  Broccoli, Citrus Fruits, Raspberry, Cabbage
Recommended Daily Intake:  75mg to 90mg

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps with the absorption of the mineral calcium to develop strong and healthy bones.

Similar to vitamin C, vitamin D also reduces the level of inflammation in the body.

Inflammation is the accumulation of blood and water in an injured or damaged area.

Studies have shown there is an inverse relationship between vitamin D intake and the level of inflammation in the body.

Natural Sources:  Sunlight, Eggs, Fatty Fish
Recommended Daily Intake: 600IU

3. Vitamin E

When you exercise, the body produces a substance called creatine phosphokinase which is also known as CPK and is a by-product of muscle breakdown.

Excessive amounts of CPK can be toxic to your liver.

Vitamin E has the ability to improve blood circulation and eliminate excess CPK in the body.

It also protects the cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Natural Sources: Seeds, Almonds, Wheat Germ, Olives
Recommended Daily Intake: 15mg

4. Fish Oil

Probably the most familiar and most popular supplement for reducing muscle soreness.

Fish Oil is rich in Omega 3, an Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) which has several benefits such as lowering bad cholesterol and improving heart health.

There are studies that prove Fish Oil taken after training can significantly reduce inflammation in muscle tissues.

You only need 7 days of Fish Oil supplementation to shore up the EFA stores of your body.

Natural Sources: Fatty Fish, Nuts and Seeds
Recommended Daily Intake: 1,000mg

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral that is used to prevent cramps and muscle stiffness.

It has also been proven to greatly reduce muscle soreness by improving muscle flexibility.

An elongated and flexible muscle is less susceptible to soreness.

Natural Sources: Spinach, Seeds, Mackerel, Beans
Recommended Daily Intake: 360mg to 420mg

Maintaining a diet in natural foods that are high in these vitamins and minerals along with supplements where required should reduce post-workout soreness.