What Can New High-Tech Exercise Bikes Do For Your Fitness?

Exercise Bikes

The exercise bike is one of the most effective cardiovascular machines you can use in the gym.

Not only does it help you lose weight, burn off body fat and build your leg muscles, but it is a safer option compared to the treadmill.

The exercise bike provides a low impact, high return option for cardio that can burn 880 calories per hour.

It is a great machine to use for warming up or warming down.

Today’s exercise bikes are much more evolved. Manufacturers have come up with innovations that are intended to take your fitness goals to another level.

In fact, there’s a model that even takes away the stationary component and allows you to bring your exercise bike outdoors!

Here are 5 of the best exercise bikes in the market:

1. Peloton Bike

The rage nowadays among exercise classes is spinning. The Peloton allows you to have spin classes in your own home.

The exercise bike features a 55cm, touch screen, HD monitor that streams live spin classes.

It shows a leader board to see who is working the hardest and if you have friend with a Peloton bike, you can scream and compete against one another!

2. Elliptigo Bike

The Elliptigo Bike combines the exercise bike with an elliptical machine and you can take it out into the great outdoors!

The Elliptigo offers a low impact alternative to steady state cardio and claims to burn 33% more calories than the traditional exercise bike.

While top speed is only 40kph, the Elliptigo provides a full body workout as its upright position requires more activation from the core muscles.

3. Gyre9 Exercise Bike

The Gyre9 is an innovative bike which also promotes sustainable design. This exercise bike is connected to a score board that lights up whenever the user pedals.

The power you generate during exercise is converted to clean, renewable energy!

4. Espresso HD Exercise Bike

The Espresso HD Exercise Bike is one of the hottest exercise bikes in the market. It allows you to connect to the Internet and is the first bike to give you a virtual reality experience.

There are over 40 virtual reality programs to choose from. These programs include a mile-long sprint and a steep 20 mile mountain climb.

5. Ciclotte

If minimalist is your style, then the Ciclotte should be the exercise bike of your choice.

Ciclotte presents an elegant, modern yet somehow futuristic design that may be minimal in appearance but packs maximum features to give you challenging workouts.

The Ciclotte uses an electromagnetic resistance system with epicycloid transmission which increases the number of flywheel rotations.

Getting a workout on an exercise bike is no longer just about adding resistance.

Manufacturers are giving you more options to make your workouts more challenging without removing the “fun” component.

You can have any one of these exercise bikes and have a great workout at home.