Get The Right Gadget For Your Sport

Sports Gadgets

Over the last decade, technology has slowly made an impact into how we manage our health and fitness.

Technology has evolved to a point that every type of exercise, movement and activity can be tracked, recorded and analysed.

Sports tech gadgets have become innovative that the every day, average fitness enthusiast can progress consistently in the fitness activity of their choice.

Here are among the 5 most innovative sports tech gadgets in the market that can improve your health and fitness…

1. Speedo Aquabeat

Music is one of the best ways to improve performance in our fitness activity.

Whether you are running, cycling, walking or lifting dumbbells, having a steady beat to listen to helps maintain our pace. Most importantly, music removes the monotony of exercise.

Swimmers appeared to be forgotten by manufacturers when they launched headsets in the market.

Not anymore with Speedo Aquabeat; an MP3 player which swimmers can use to listen to music while doing laps in the pool.

2. Trace

Similar to swimmers, another water-based activity appeared to be ignored by portable fitness technology manufacturers is wake boarding.

Trace is a sports gadget which can be mounted to any board to track motion, movement, speed and height.

It can even track the types and numbers of tricks that you have practiced in your routine.

3. AiQ Bioman Tank

The fitness wearable that is not only fashionable but also functional. The AIQ Bioman Tank is equipped with a built- in monitors for heart rate, temperature and breathing.

This is an easy and convenient way to track your fitness performance whether you are in the gym or in the great outdoors.

You can use the AiQ Bioman Tank for your daily runs or during your challenging cycling sessions.

4. Vert

If you participate in an explosive sport that requires a good vertical such as basketball and volleyball, Vert is the fitness tool for you.

Vert is a sports app that measures the height of your vertical plus your jumping ability over time.

In basketball, the second jump could be more important than the first jump to get the rebound.

This is an effective way to measure your ability to maintain your peak jump.

5. Strong

One of the most popular apps for weight training enthusiasts, Strong has been downloaded 200,000 times and has consistently ranked among the top 5 fitness apps in the world.

Strong features a simple interface and allows the user to add their routines.

There is a wide selection of cardio and weight training exercises to choose from and users can track their progress through charts.

There is even a feature that tells the user how to warm up.

Technology works to make life easier and better for man. We use technology to find a cure for diseases and illnesses that were once thought of as incurable or terminal.

It is only natural that man uses technology to find ways to become healthier, fitter and stronger.