Will You Be Part Of These Newest Trends?

Fitness Trends

The Fitness Industry is set to have another big year in 2017 as sales of fitness trackers, smart watches and downloads of fitness apps continue to rise.

But industry insiders are also looking at a surge in the popularity of exercise classes.

A big reason is the continuing growth in market for fitness wear.

The fitness wear boom has introduced “Active Wear” and “Athleisure” in the fitness dictionary.

These are exercise apparel that is not only functional in the gym but fashionable enough to be worn at the grocery stores, the local coffee shop or while having laundry done.

Studies have shown that Active Wear has influenced more people to exercise because it can be used as a strong motivator to get fit.

It follows the old saying, “When you look good, you feel good”. If you’re not trying to get fit, you’re not fashionable!

Among the group classes that are seen to have a huge spike in attendance in 2017 are as follows:

1. Competitive Classes

Spin classes such as Soul Cycling have integrated the competitive nature of sport into their programs.

Participants can see who is leading or working the hardest from an electronic leader board.

OrangeTheory Fitness combines the treadmill, the rowing machine and resistance training in their classes.

Everyone has a heart rate monitor to track their performance on the screen.

You can be assured the instructor will call you out if he or she thinks you are slacking!

2. Hybrid Workouts

There are exercise programs that are combining methodologies to introduce more holistic workouts.

PilatesPlus combines the strength benefits of weight training with the conditioning of cardio and adds the muscle lengthening aspect of Pilates.

Buti Yoga combines Yoga with plyometrics and tribal dance to guarantee a full body toning workout.

3. Boutique Classes

If you prefer a less competitive and more exclusive atmosphere, there are a number of Boutique Classes for you to consider.

These are smaller group classes that are held in private studios and include props to make your workouts more interesting.

Trampoline classes are an example. Another one that is “making waves” is Surfset which uses a device that looks like a surf board and functions like a Bosu Ball.

4. Aerial Fitness

Think of it as Yoga while hanging on supported fabric slings.

Aerial Yoga has slowly gained popularity as it gives users the sensation of becoming acrobats like Cirque du Soleil.

It is a challenging but fun exercise and gives a unique experience of being suspended overhead without the risks of Pole Dancing.

Practitioners of Aerial Yoga claim it gives a great core workout.

5. Technology Driven Fitness

According to the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends, wearable technology, bodyweight training and HIIT were the top 3 fitness trends in 2016 and are expected to remain relevant in 2017.

People have turned to technology and gadgets to get fit without having to go to a gym.

Workouts can be downloaded on the smart phone and some include free consultation which has rendered professional Personal Training unnecessary.

Fitness has certainly come a long way since the day of headbands and neon-colored leotards.

Whether at the gym, the park or home, there will always be workouts that can accommodate your sense of style and keep you motivated.