Get Your Fitness Fix With These Outdoor Activities…

Outdoor Fitness

The quest for health and fitness knows no boundaries.

While the typical fitness centre may provide with the latest gym equipment and a variety of programs to choose from, over time, indoor training can get boring and monotonous.

Australia is known for its great weather and variety of outdoor activities.

So why not head outdoors for fun and fitness?

Here are 5 of the best outdoor activities you can do which are fun and will help you get fit…

1. Stand Up Paddleboard

It may not look like much; you may even think you can master it on your first try. But Stand Up Paddleboard is more challenging than it looks!

Similar to surfing, Stand Up Paddleboard requires good balance because the moving water creates shifts in bodyweight.

In order to balance properly, you must constantly engage your core or abdominal muscles.

Your abdominals act to stabilise your upper body and reduce the amount of compression forces on your back.

Your hips will also work to help distribute your bodyweight properly. Paddling on both sides will work the oblique muscles.

Try Stand Up Paddleboard for 30 minutes to get a great outdoor workout!

2. Rowing

Rowing is one of the best ways to strengthen your lower and upper back muscles, arms, shoulders and legs. Rowing also involves the core muscles and the hip flexors.

It is a very challenging sport and will build up your conditioning level and overall body strength.

Outdoor rowing is more difficult than the indoor rowing machines in the gym because water can create uneven surface resistance.

You have to constantly adjust to shifts in bodyweight.

A one hour outdoor rowing session can burn up to 800 calories!

3. Trail Running

Australia has a good number of Trail Running sites which you can use to break away from the monotony of road work or the treadmill.

Trail Running presents challenges with its uneven terrain, textured ground and changes in elevation.

Your body will have to work harder with each step that you take in order to accommodate shifts in body weight and changes in angles.

4. Ball Games

Australia’s parks have a variety of courts and fields of play where you can engage in your favourite sport.

A full court game of playground basketball or soccer is not only more fun than doing minutes on an elliptical trainer but provides both aerobic and anaerobic benefits.

Both basketball and soccer require constant movement followed by sudden explosive action.

Whether it’s a sudden drive to the hoop between 2 defenders or slicing though defenders to attack the goal, these activities can help burn as much as 500 calories per hour.

5. Scavenger Hunt

One of the unique ways fitness trainers get people to stay interested in exercise is through a Scavenger Hunt.

The fitness trainer prepares a map which covers the jogging route of the trainee.

The route features landmarks where the trainee will be asked to stop and perform a set of bodyweight exercises.

For example, after a 400 meter run there will be a park bench where the trainee will be asked to perform 10 reps each of pushups, step ups and air squats.

These are just some of the best outdoor activities you can do for fun and fitness.

There are other outdoor activities that you can do such as swimming, surfing and cycling.

If you are losing motivation working out inside the gym, take your fitness outside and most importantly, have fun!