Go Tech And Get Fit With These Hot Wearables…

Apple Watch

Fitness wearables are becoming a mainstream accessory.

Go to your neighborhood grocery store, coffee shop, in your school or office; you will notice more people wearing these compact, futuristic-looking gadgets on their wrist.

However, their look and function have slowly changed since FitBit was first launched in 2007.

Some of today’s fitness wearables have expanded its features to integrate fitness with standard work-related functions.

Manufacturers of fitness wearables are also aware users need to have these gadgets on all the time.

Thus, designs have evolved to make them look more fashionable and elegant.

Both functional and stylish, here are 5 of the best fitness wearables in 2016.

1. Apple Watch

No surprise that our list begins with the watch that the world waited on last April 2015.

On the high end of the market as far as other fitness wearables are concerned, but the Apple Watch delivers the goods.

The Apple Watch tracks your steps, monitors heart rate and can record your daily achievements.

In combination with the Apple Maps, it will give you instructions as you drive about the city looking for your intended destination.

It can also send and receive voice calls via your iPhone.

Estimated Price: AU$877

2.FitBit Blaze

The fitness wearable that started it all continues to introduce new innovations in fitness technology.

It is more affordable than the Apple Watch and has integrated fitness with work functions among its features.

FitBit Blaze can track your daily steps, adjusts to stair well climb, monitor your heart rate and quality of sleep.

It can receive text messages, show incoming phone calls and reminds you of important dates in the calendar.

Many users of the FitBit Blaze love the watch’s feature of informing the user if he or she is exercising too hard for 10 minutes.

Estimated Price: AU$240

3. Garmin Forerunner 235

Garmin Forerunner is a brand that caters to runners. The Garmin Forerunner 235 is a much improved version of its best-selling predecessor the Garmin Forerunner 225.

Garmin Forerunner 235 has a GPS feature to track speed and distance during your daily runs.

It has an optical heart rate sensor and track daily activities such as walking and sleeping. Best of all, it is water-proof!

Similar to the smart watch features of other fitness wearables, you can get display notifications from your Android or iPhone.

Estimated Price: AU$337

4. Samsung Gear 2

One of the greatest innovators in technology has once again placed their best foot forward in fitness wearables.

While nobody has reinvented the wheel, the Samsung Gear series has placed it on its interface.

The Samsung Gear 2’s round, rotating bezel activates its different interfaces.

It is a big departure at least from a design standpoint, from the traditional look and function of the fitness wearable.

It has different watch faces that allow you to track news, sports and of course, your fitness levels.

Estimated Price: AU$337

5. Huawei Watch

The Huawei Watch is the first foray of the Chinese company into the fitness wearable and smart watch market. And it has made a big splash indeed!

Many market analysts believe the Huawei Watch offers the highest resolution for any Android watch.

It is also a unanimous choice in terms for design, elegance and style.

In addition to its standard fitness tracking features for monitoring steps and heart rate, the Huawei Watch carries a IP67 rating which means you can get it wet without issue but you cannot go underwater with it.

Estimated Price: AU$400

Fitness wearables are expected to evolve further over the next 5 to 10 years as consumers are starting to integrate fitness into their everyday lifestyle.

With their sleeker designs and smart watch functionality, fitness wearables can suit your look for work or play.