Track Your Sets, Reps And Total Weight Lifted The Easy Way…

Weight Lifting Apps

Fitness Trackers are popularly associated with aerobic activities such as walking, running and cycling.

This is because an accelerometer, which tracks movement, is a standard feature in the fitness tracker.

But fitness trackers continue to evolve in form and function. If overall fitness is your goal, then you should not leave out strength training.

Yes, there are fitness trackers in the market that are specifically made for weight lifting.

Here Are The Best Fitness Trackers For Weight Lifting

1. The Atlas Wristband

The Atlas Wristband can identify your resistance exercise, track down your sets and reps and calculates the total number of calories burned.

It has the capacity to identify up to 50 exercises and tell you how you performed.

The Atlas Wristband also has an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor and is waterproof for up to 30 meters.

Estimated Retail Price: AU$260

2. Push

With its accelerometer and gyroscope system, Push measures 3 key performance indicators: Power, Velocity and Work.

Push boasts of having the largest data base of resistance exercises; 250.

If you have a coach, he or she can track your performance via the Push Team System. Your coach can access the Push online portal to analyse your numbers.

Estimated Retail Price: AU$210

3. GymWatch

Powered by German technology, GymWatch is an award winning fitness tracker designed to measure strength and range of motion in different exercises.

It can track your performance whether you are using free weights, machines or bodyweight.

It also features real-time personal coaching so you can get immediate feedback on every exercise that you do.

Estimated Retail Price: AU$195

4. Skulpt Aim

This fitness tracker works differently than most in that it tracks the changes in your fat to muscle ratio.

After weight lifting session, you can place Skulpt Aim on any one of 24 muscle groups.

A small amount of current is passed through the muscle and surrounding fat tissue.

The app tracks the flow of the current as it moves though the muscle. It will then provide data on the quality of muscle by measuring the ratio of fat to muscle tissue.

Estimated Retail Price: AU$260

5. Athos

Athos is wearable technology that is integrated into fabric and measures how your muscles perform in real time.

Athos has 20 small sensors which are designed to track physical activity and heart rate.

It also tracks your breathing patterns, muscle exertion and efficiency of movement.

You can download the data with an app on your smart phone for immediate analysis and feedback.

Estimated Retail Price:  AU$390 (Device + Apparel)

Fitness Trackers are valuable tools that can help you progress in your workout programs.

Now with these 5 fitness trackers, you can finally track your performance in both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.