Stay On Top Of Your Game With These Apps

Best Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps continue to be among the most popularly downloaded programs.

With fitness apps, people who want to get healthy have an available resource of exercise programs.

In addition, they can track their progress in workouts, keep tab on the calories and even monitor the quality of sleep!

But which fitness apps are worth your time and money?

Here are 5 of the best fitness apps that should get you motivated and moving:

1. Coach.Me – Best App For Setting Goals

Goal setting is a powerful tool for success because it gives you focus and vision. With Coach.Me, not only will it encourage you to set goals but it will guide you on how to achieve them.

Once you set a goal, Coach.Me schedules reminders and tracks your goals.

Your accomplishments are made public so you can receive encouragement from others in the community.

2. Yummly – Best For Nutrition

You’ve probably gone through many diet programs. Success and failure become a cycle because eventually you get bored eating the same meals.

Yummly has features that allow you to review personalised recipes that could match the diet program you plan to follow. You can create a grocery list and plan your menu for the week.

3. Gain Fitness – Best For Exercise

Hiring a Personal Trainer is one of the best ways to get fit. But Personal Trainers can be expensive and will require you to be at gym more often than your schedule would allow.

If budget and time are constraints, download Gain Fitness.

This app features personalised coaching which designs workouts customised to help you meet your goals. And you don’t have to be in a gym to work out!

4. MapMyRun – Best For Cardio

If you enjoy running, walking and other forms of steady state cardio, MapMyRun is the fitness app for you.

It tracks your progress, logs your running times, calories burned and daily activity.

MapMyRun also connects you to a community of steady state fitness enthusiasts whom you can interact, become friends or even compete with.

5. FitTag – Best For Motivation

Social media is a great place to interact and share with friends and family.

But sometimes it can be inundated by mindless political commentaries or superficial rants about nothing of consequence.

FitTag gives you a virtual place where you can share your fitness advocacy with like-minded people.

You can share achievements, recipes and fitness tips with people who only want to be healthy.

A 2014 survey showed that fitness apps were growing at a pace 87% faster than the overall app market.

Another survey revealed that at least 58% of smart phone owners have downloaded a fitness app with 41% downloading more than 5 fitness apps!

Fitness apps are here to stay and they will only get better in the years ahead.