Let Technology Help You Do What You Do, Just Better

Fitness Tech Clothes

Since FitBit’s initial stumble in the world of fitness gadgets in 2007, technology has maintained its stride and present innovative designs with interesting new features to the market.

The new generation of fitness wearables has more functions and promises better convenience to the user.

Fitness wearables are designed to track performance by allowing you to record data.

This data can be downloaded through an app and analysed to assess your current level of progress, technique and consistency with your diet and workouts.

To get the most of your fitness wearable, they have to worn all the time which could be tedious to some people.

In response, technology has created fitness gadgets that you can simply use when you are exercising and still get the data you need on your performance.

Here are 4 cool fitness gadgets to keep you in shape year-round…

1. Sensoria Fitness Sock

The perfect fitness gadget for the serious runner! Running has been referred to by orthopedic surgeons as the most injury prone type of physical activity.

While the type of shoes and frequency of training are factors that contribute to injury, your form and technique are also important considerations.

The Sensoria Fitness Sock transmits data to an anklet that sends information to a smart phone application in real-time.

The information will tell you if your current technique is distributing bodyweight carefully.

The app has a coach to help you work on improving your form and cadence.

2. Hexoskin Shirt

This is a fitness shirt that has built in sensors to monitor your heart rate, breathing pattern and identifies you level of stress.

These 3 factors will determine if you are working too hard which could lead to injuries or burn out.

The Hexoskin Shirt can also track your cadence, speed and when sleeping, monitor your quality of rest!

The data collected from the Hexoskin Shirt can be shared with a coach to help you improve performance.

3. The Melon Headband

This is a unique and highly innovative fitness wearable that you wear on your head.

Bluetooth technology connects the Melon Headband to a smart phone app that uses EEG Brain Waves to determine if you are focused during exercise.

You can even use the Melon Headband when you are studying for an exam!

4. iRiverOn Headset

Technology has made it possible for music to help you burn calories not just by giving you rhythm during exercise.

iRiverOn Headset is a type of ear piece which collects data while you are listening to your favorite band.

The iRiverOn Headset utilises Valencell Power Tek technology to measure your heart rate, cardiovascular endurance level, speed, distance and total calories burned.

It transfers all the data to your smart phone app via Bluetooth technology.

These are just 4 great fitness gadgets to keep you on course to achieve your health and fitness goals.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as you can expect cooler and more innovative fitness gadgets to be introduced in the market over the next few years.