How To Look Good Inside And Outside The Gym

Women's Fitness Fashion

Fitness has exploded into the mainstream to become part of the everyday lifestyle of most people.

People workout not only to feel good but to look good.

In fact, if you are not involved in some type of fitness activity you may not be trendy!

It should then come to no surprise that the world of fashion would eventually cross over to the world of fitness.

Fashion accentuates the positives in fitness: if you look good you’ll be inspired to train harder and more often.

This partnership between fashion and fitness has created a new term in the fashion industry: Athleisure.

Athleisure is athletic or gym wear that can be worn in and out of the gym.

With Athleisure, you can do your errands before going to the gym without losing time because you are already dressed up.

Need to have coffee as a perk up before training?

You can sip your favorite brew at the local coffee shop and still appear fashionable and trendy.

More and more people are adapting Athleisure wear into their personal wardrobe that fashion insiders have identified these 3 fashion fitness trends to watch out for…

1. Criss-Cross Straps

One of the exciting new fashion styles coming out for Athleisure wear are intricately designed criss- cross straps on sports bras and tank tops.

The back is one body part which women love to workout. A strong, supple and well-toned back looks great in open back fashion styles. It helps emphasise small waist and hips.

The criss-cross patterns draw attention to the upper back muscles and give a look of firmness and strength.

2. Modern Mesh Look

Mesh material is functional and fashionable at the same time. It allows your body to breathe and move during exercise.

At the same time it lends discrete exposure to some skin!

For women who have put in the work, showing off the fruits of their labour should be justified.

Paneled mesh leggings or a mesh hoodie matched with colorful sports top designed with intricate criss-cross patterns on the back would be make a fit and fabulous fashion statement.

3. Bold Colors And Prints

Many people seem content picking out neutral colours such as black and white for gym wear.

While these colours can easily be paired with accessories, a trend that is poised to make a comeback is the use of bold colours and print design.

Neon bright colours and pastel are making their way in the fashion lines of many popular brands of fitness wear.

Colourful fashion wear is a great way to set the mood for the day and not just in the gym!

We should see more trends to come out in the next few months. One thing is for sure: fitness wear is no longer just for the gym!