Eat These High Fibre Foods For Improved Health


Fibre is one of the most important substances that we have to include in our diet.

While regular exercise and the right nutrition plan can keep us healthy and fit, Fibre helps to rid our bodies of toxins.

But how much do we know about Fibre and are we getting enough in our diet every day?

Fibre is found in the outer layers of plants and is virtually indigestible. Unlike most foods that we eat, Fibre is not absorbed or digested.

It passes through our digestive system largely intact. While moving through our digestive system, Fibre gains bulk and carries with it harmful carcinogens that we eventually excrete.

This is why we have been told to drink plenty of water when ingesting Fibre.

Thus, we should include Fibre with our everyday meals so we can regularly excrete these harmful toxins.

Regular bowel movement has been proven by studies to significantly lower the risk of colon cancer.

How much Fibre should we have on a daily basis? Doctors recommend at least 35 grams of Fibre every day for a clean intestinal tract.

If you want to know how to get your recommended daily requirement of 35 grams of Fibre, here are 10 best high Fibre foods you can choose from:

1. Split Peas – 16.3g Fibre per 150g
2. Lentils – 15.6g Fibre per 175g
3. Black Beans – 15g Fibre per 175g
4. Lima Beans – 13.2g Fibre per 175g
5. Artichokes – 10.3g of Fibre per medium sized piece
6. Peas – 8.8g of Fibre per 150g
7. Raspberries – 8g of Fibre per 175g
8. Blackberries – 7.6 cups of Fibre per 175g
9. Bran Flakes – 7g of Fibre per 100g
10. Avocados – 6.7g of Fibre per 200g

Breakfast favorite Oatmeal comes in at 4g of Fibre per 14g.

Since these are carbohydrate sources, you can easily include them in your meal plan as a siding or dessert.

For example, for breakfast you can have 50g of Bran Flakes mixed with 50g of raspberries.

Your mid-morning snack can be a tuna sandwich garnished with an Avocado.

Lunchtime can be your choice of lean protein plus 90g of black beans. Dinner can be your choice of lean protein with 90g of lentils.

Before bedtime, you can have 140g of oatmeal mixed with 50g of raspberries.

Total Fibre consumed is 41.5g!

The more protein you eat, the higher should be your consumption of Fibre because protein is hard to digest. This is especially true with red meat.

So have your Fibre today for a healthier tomorrow!